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All pilots start off as Regional First Officer with zero hours-should a pilot request to bring across hours from another Virtual Airline they will be awarded a percentage of previous VA hours at the discretion of management and will be credited once promoted to the rank of Regional Captain.

Your career starts as a Regional First Officer on regional routes where you will fly aircraft such as the Dash 8s,Saab 340Bs and Metroliners. Once you complete the required hours, you will be promoted to Regional Captain.

A Regional Captain can start flying smaller jets such as the Boeing 717, Embraer 135 and 170- once you complete those required hours, will be promoted to First Officer.

First Officers move onto the domestic and short haul international sector. You will fly aircraft such as the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 - once you have completed the required hours, you move to Captain.

Captain - You can now fly aircraft such as our historic fleet-the Boeing 727, 737, 767, the Douglas DC9 series and the iconic L149 Constellation. Once you complete the required hours, you are Senior Captain Level 1.

Senior Captain Level 1 - You will now be able to fly the B777 and the Airbus A330 series aircraft and once you complete the required hours, you become Senior Captain Level 2.

Senior Captain Level 2 - There is nothing you can't fly as you have reached the pinnacle-you have reached the left seat of a Boeing 747 and Airbus A380.On completing the required hours, you are now Senior Captain Level 3.

Senior Captain Level 3 - You now have attained the highest non-executive rank within AUSVAG and can take on the role of Check Captain,if needed.

Check Captain - This is an Ausvag executive rank and can only be obtained by appointment from the CEO. Your role is monitoring all pilots performance and give relevant and positive advice when needed.

For all ranking flight hours requirements,refer to the AUSVAG pilots handbook.